Aged Miso Soup:
Exotic mushrooms and scallions

Spicy Egg Drop Soup:  
Clear chicken broth with tiger shrimp and baby spinach

Chicken Hot and Sour Miso Soup:  
Chicken, cilantro, tofu, edamame

Tom Yum Seafood Soup:  
with clam, shrimp & lemongrass broth

Warm Wild Mushroom Salad:  
Served with truffle essence

Seaweed Salad:  
Pickled vegetable

Simple Salad:  
Orange segment, crisped wonton skins, pasted radishes, pine-nut, ginger vinaigrette

“Rocket” Arugula Salad:  
Salt roasted baby golden and red beets, Asian pears toasted black pecans with local goat cheese and ‘diehard 8″ vinaigrette

Mango Avocado Salad:  
with crushed peanut, baby green

The “Modern” Spicy Tuna Salad:  
Chunk tuna, caviar, truffle oil and spicy mayo


Eggplant/ Pumpkin/Broccoli  

Sweet Potato/Taro/French Bean  



Tuna Wasabi Dumplings:  
Chopped avocado, crunchy with wasabi mayo caviar wrapped in paper thin tuna

Kiku Ceviche:  
Jumbo shrimp, dry scallops, baby octopus and surf clam, grape fruit, garlic tomato, red onion, citrus sauce

Scottish Salmon Carpaccio:  
Salmon, soy san, tatami, wasabi, crispy ginger, chive and micro greens with a spicy lemon soy mustard sauce

Famous Crispy Pancake:  
Assorted crunchy fish & avocado. cranberry over Thai pancake

Baby Yellowtail Jalapeno:  
Sliced jalapeno, finely chopped garlic and onion, red tobiko with grapefruit and orange yuzu sauce

Kumamoto Oyster:  
Four chilled with tomato salsa


Bamboo Steamed Edamame:  
Black Hawaiian sea salt

Tiny Wonton Crabmeat Taco:  
with native corn salad, smoked trout fish with crabmeat, kabayaki and ajl amarillo

Korean Style Calamari:  
with peanut butter, sweet chill mango salsa

Miso Glazed Black Cod:  
with orange miso sauce

Kobe Beef Carpaccio:  
Micro arugula, sashimi, avocado, natural honey, pickled hon-shimeji mushroom, toy box tomato’s and crispy lotus

Duck Spring Roll:  
with house hoisin sauce, shoestring sweet potato fries

Chicken and Mushroom Lettuce Wrap:  
Butter lettuce leaves, exotic mushrooms, black hoisin and crispy rice noodles

Fire Cracker Shrimp:  
Served with parsnips and spicy creamy mayo

Shrimp Shumal / Pork Gyoza / Vegetable Gyoza

Kingcrab Gyoza (home made)  


Garlic Broccoli

Vegetable Fried Rice

Miso Eggplant

Chicken Kushiyaki

Spinach Sesame

Age Dash Tofu

Organic Brown Rice