Served with Miso Soup or Salad

Yamyazaki Shang-Hai Braised Short Rib: 
Lightly gingered vanilla, sweet potato puree, ‘dehydr 8′, roasted root vegetable medley

Simply Seared Red Snapper:  
Roasted pastel Cauliflower, vibrant green curry yukon gold and sweet potato chips and a Thai peanut chili sauce

Salmon Twist:  
Garlic spinach wrapped with baked scottish salmon & chili truffle teriyaki sauce

Miso Glazed Chilean Seabass:  
with Japanese wine miso sauce and XO jan seasonal vegetable

General Tso’s Chicken:  
Chill pepper, broccoli and baby carrot

Penang Curry: Chicken / Shrimp  
“Northern Malaysia” Sweat bell peppers, tomatoes, red onion, Thai basil, pineapple and fuji apple with white rice

Kiku Thai Basil: Chicken / Shrimp / Beef  
Fresh basil, red peppers, french beans, asparagus, red onions, cabbage

Teriyaki: Chicken / Salmon / Ribeye Steak  
Pick your favorite, cooked perfectly than set on top of a bed of sweet caramelized onions, grilled asparagus and white rice, served with our special balsamic teriyaki sauce

Yaki Udon or Udon Soup: Chicken / Vegetable  
Korean Spicy Seafood Udon with clam, shrimp, fish cake, kimchee

Thai Fried Rice: Chicken / Vegetable  

Supreme Omakasa

Chef’s supreme tasting platter fresh Japanese seafood airshiped from tokyo tsukji market



Sushi & Sashimi